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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Update: Doc's diagnosis - bronchitis

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and I'm sending y'all Happy New Year wishes now. If you're gonna be out & about tonight celebrating, be careful. Our family will most likely sleep the New Year in. Our son has been sick and now I am. I have a horrible cough I can't seem to shake and it just keeps getting worse every day no matter what I try. Now, I'm hurting with it, so I have a doctor appointment this afternoon. Conrad (husband) is working days right now and will need to go to bed early tonight anyway because he has to be at work so early on 12 hr shifts.

Y'all have a SAFE & Happy New Year...don't forget to eat something green (like cabbage or turnip greens for money), pork (for progress), and black eyed peas (for luck)...I believe cherry pie is also on our menu for tomorrow. This is our traditional Southern meal for New Year's Day...well, most everyone's, I believe, around us. Have a good one!

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    Happy New Year :) My comment disappeared!

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