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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's a rainy day here...supposed to be like this into the night as well.  I've been watching it come down with a cup of coffee at the moment, but it's a bit too messy to sit out on the porch.  Our cold snap came & went again.  We're back to a high of 70 degrees today.  All this back & forth with the weather here has gotten all 3 of the kids with sore throats & sniffles right now.

The weekend was nice though and the Christmas Fest/parade was fun.  Towards the tail end of the parade, Santa was riding with Sparky the Fire Dog on top of the firetruck.  Amber (our 7 yr old) got more excited over seeing Sparky than Santa!  She was jumping up & down and yelling, "Moma!  It's Sparky!  It's Sparky!" ;p  Here is a picture of who she was so tickled to see.  I bought a few gifts, and we found a bench to sit on and ate corn dogs, fries, & cotton candy.  I had forgotten to take a bag with us to catch candy in from the parade.  Amber had stuffed my purse fatter than a turkey at Thanksgiving!  There wasn't a crook or cranny in it OR on ME (pockets & hands) that she hadn't crammed candy or necklaces into. :)  I felt like I was toting a boulder around on my shoulder and trying to hang onto to her & gifts too.  Sarah (our 9 yr old) was sick and  had to stay with Grandmoma & Granddaddy, and Clay (our 13 yr old) was in the parade.  Here's another picture from the parade...

every Southern parade probably has a least one or 2 good tractors in it.  LOL ;p  Our 3 kids LOVE their Granddaddy to pull them on the homemade wooden sled he made them behind the big tractor.  He pulls them all through the woods on it.  Most of the time, they come back home lookin' like they've rolled through a mud hole, but they've always got big smiles on their faces!  It's one of their favorite things to do.  


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