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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


We've had such a busy day today. It's a tradition for the kids & I to bake Christmas sugar cookies every year. My Moma always did it with us when my brother & I were growing up and I've carried that on with my own children. They always have the best time using the cookie cutters & then decorating each cookie their own way. It's time consuming, but we always have fun doing it. Speaking of my Moma, she's been baking sweet potato pies today and she's also made Christmas candies with Clay, Sarah, & Amber....dark chocolate covered peanut clusters, snowballs, & white chocolate covered pretzels. I'm about to start on our potato salad for Christmas Day dinner tonight. It will sit covered in the fridge until then and be just right. The presents are ALL wrapped and under the tree...finished up that the other day...so, tomorrow (Christmas Eve) should be a day to just rest and enjoy being together. My Moma & I were talking earlier today and she told me that my Grandmaw always cooked & baked the day before Christmas Eve too...which I can remember her doing also. But, Moma said that Grandmaw always did hot dogs on Christmas Eve because there was just so much going on Christmas Day. I've got plenty of hot dogs in the fridge, so I believe that sounds like a good idea. Tomorrow will be hot dogs on the grill...quick, easy, & the kids love 'em. Now, on that note, I've got to get back in the kitchen and start peeling potatoes.


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